Step Two – Came to belive that a Power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity.


The two key ideas in Step Two are Faith and Sanity.  Faith includes belief and  trust. Both of which you need in this journey of recovery. While I was in addiction I believed in the Lord, but I did not always TRUST HIM. I figured I could do this journey alone and of course I failed miserably. I definitely did not feel sane in addiction. I often tell people that I felt like the hamster stuck on the wheel going around in circles.

Our higher power can be whatever we believe in. Mine is Jesus. I now in sobriety trust that God is with me no matter what. I believe He looks after me and that he’s got this all under control. I believe God brings HOPE, PEACE, and ENCOURAGEMENT.  I also believe that no matter what I do in this life God loves me.  The important thing is we need to trust and believe in recovery and that Help is available. WE cannot do this on our own. 

I have lots of help in my recovery. I have a Woman’s Addiction Life Group where we zoom once a week. This is where I’m doing my 12 steps. I have an awesome counselor who also holds me accountable. Every week she gets my reports for my online accountability. I have internet accountability on both my laptop and my phone. This gives me the freedom to go where I want but choosing healthy sites to go to.  I sometimes go to Celebrate Recovery which I really love. THey are Christian and I really liked them. They are good support and each week you can do dinner and meet awesome people. I also have good friends that have stood by me in this journey.

One of the questions in my book on 12 steps says ” What do you currently believe about a Power greater than yourself? ”  I believe God is my father and that I’m HIs beloved daughter. I believe that Christ did on the cross to save all our sins. I also believe that God is the same yesterday, today and always and I believe God’s word and rely on His words for encouragement. 


I love that we now have been restored to sanity. I often felt like a crazy woman in addiction. In addiction I did things that I would never dream of doing sober. My crazy cycle. Now I’m out of that I’ve written down words that express the sanity I’m heading towards. This was a fun activity to come up with words. What words describe your sanity in addiction?

Here are mine:  Encourgement, Hope, Blogs, Journal writings, FREEDOM, FORGIVENESS, Friends, Accountability, Praise Music, Worship, TRUTH, Humor, Prayer, BEAUTY FROM ASHES, Counseloring, LOVE.  

The biggest thing for me that I have gained from step two is that I realized I was not crazy and that all the people in recovery we all have a story to share and that we understand each other no matter what.  We can do this recovery process together. Lets ban together and believe and have trust. 



2 thoughts on “Step Two – Came to belive that a Power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity.

  1. It only takes a little faith.
    Just a little faith can take root and grow.
    I’m like you, I love Celebrate Recovery.
    Although I’m a member of NA, it good to be around recovering addicts who have the same Higher Power, Jesus.
    What I got most after living Step 2 was that Power (Holy Spirit)/ lives inside me.
    If I can keep my thoughts quite enough I can hear the Holy Spirit speaking to me restoring me to sanity.
    Great post!


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