2 years of sobriety today………………..

Today I celebrate two years of sobriety from an addiction. Two years ago if you asked me what it would be like having two years of sobriety I probably would have laughed at you saying that would never be possible. I never could imagine my life without addiction in it. This addiction is one of the toughest addictions to kick. It gives one the same high as heroin. It traps your thoughts and mind and it keeps you in a fantasy life. It is an intimacy disorder and both men and woman can be addicted to it.

For me my root of my  addiction was unforgiveness in my past. I could not move forward because of the hate I carried in my life. Two years ago with the help of my good friend Kim and God I was able to let go and forgive two people in my life that had hurt in so many ways. When I forgave them both the power they held over me was taken away and I pray for them not lots but once in a while. I pray that God sends them someone who will let them know about Him. I no longer feel that hate and was able to start to rebuild my life. I have learned a lot in my two years of sobriety. I learned that addiction is not the answer to my stress or anxiety. Prayer is my go to now, writing or reaching out to a friend. Reading the scriptures and worship are huge in my life.

I love this photo above because I discovered Kayaking and how much I loved it this summer and that trusting in God no matter what comes your way is the only option for me. I love that I don’t think about sexual addiction but am very careful what I watch on Tv, movies etc. I have incredible accountability on my phone and laptop and a person who gets my reports once a week and can ask me if they need to check in with me. You cannot succeed in any addiction without accountability.

If you struggle with any addiction there is help out there and you two can have peace and sobriety like I have. I never thought this would ever be possible but now I know FREEDOM is out there.

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