Woman can be addicted as well

Pornography addiction is a growing addiction in our culture. No more is it just men addicted but now woman and young girls and it’s growing at a very fast rate. Sexual addiction is an intimacy disorder.

Pastor Craig from Life Church did a Sermon on this topic last Sunday. I love his vulnerability how he used to struggle and is now free from addiction. I’ve been free for two and a half years now and I never want to forget where I’ve been and where I am now. Even now in sobriety I have things in place to make sure I don’t go back to addiction. I’m also wanting to blog about my journey and how this time is different and how I maintain sobriety. Pastor Craig’s video is very easy to follow so that’s why I included it.

24 days ago I signed up for an awesome incredible 40 day challenge through Conventant Eyes. I signed up in sobriety and have learned an awful lot about our brains and how pornography effects us in addiction. I feel good wanting me to share my experiences with others because it is a really hard addiction to break. I recently read that it is the same as someone who is addicted to alcohol, meth or cocaine. We are taping into the same nero circuits in pornography. The good news is our brains can heal themselves and we can renew our minds.

I will share my experiences and how to get to freedom. Freedom is different for everyone but I never believed I ever would be free and look where I am today. I believe sharing our pasts and struggles help others see there really is a way out. Today I’m sharing Pastor Craig’s Video in his Warrior series.

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