A simple book that can change a life. πŸ“–

Yesterday I was triggered by a thing that happened. It reminded me of how a kind person in my life gave me hope through a simple book. As we start our Spring break the teacher in my class was talking about all the opportunities the children would have to read on the break. To read in different places outside, on a mountain ( the children thought that was funny), on the beach and even to read at breakfast and lunch. One of the children said that they don’t have a library book to read. The teacher walked over to the book shelf and pulled out on of her special books and gave it to the child.

The child was so happy to have a book to read to their family. That one simple gesture seems like nothing to many of us but that one book I was given it changed my life. It had an opportunity to escape my life for the time I was reading. I went on so many adventures with books that it helped me survive as a child. It also helped me love books. I still get really excited when it’s library time at school.

I love watching the children choose their books and then so excited to show us what they got and then before we leave they get an opportunity to look at their books. That one gesture of giving a child or children a special book to take home can be etched in your mind forever. I don’t know how old I was when Mrs. Baker gave me my first book. On holidays at school she would let the children take home two books. I always was able to take a stack home. Reading was an escape but it also thought me how to read better.

A couple of years ago before Mrs. Baker passed away. I was able to thank her for giving me a simple book, a simple book that changed my life forever. ❀️

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