God has given me a huge heart for Rabbits πŸ°

This was Winston I looked forward to spending a long time with this little guy. Obviously I was only supposed to spend 4 days with him. Even in those 4 days he touched my heart. God reminded me today why I love rabbits so much and how my heart is huge for everyone of them. I thought today was fitting to write about it.

When I was a young girl of 10 I lived in Ireland and my step mom her family lived about an hour and a half away from us. It was in the country and I loved going there so much. Her brother Terry he had taken over the farm and he lived there with his wife and children. I loved all the animals on the farm. He had cows he milked twice a day, pigs that often had babies. Baby pigs are the cutest but wow can they ever squeal when you first pick them up. They had chickens, sheep and a bull.

My sister and I would spend all our time out with the animals. There were always lots of babies. On the same property a newer home had been built which my step moms brothers lived there and their mom my grandma moved into that home when her husband died. Uncle Joe he travelled lots and was often in Africa. There was another brother who lived there as well but he was really mean and he was the guy that later sexual abused me.

He carried a dark presence about him and he had a shot gun he often laughed and would threaten us with it. Being kids we would never take it seriously and just laughed and ran away from him. He thought it was the greatest thing to catch rabbits and put them in sacks and tie up the necks of the bags and the bunnies would eventually die. My sister Lynn and I would follow him he often made the rabbits scream. Rabbits will scream when they are terrified. He would spend all his days catching rabbits and putting them in these sacks and he would come back later to get them. Lynn and I would come by and untie all the bags and let the rabbits free. One by one they would ruin off. He was so angry at us for doing that but we just continued letting the rabbits go.

God put a huge love in my heart for Rabbits. I’m often known as the rabbit lady. I have raised rabbits that would have starved if I had not fed them. I have fed my own babies when their mom refused to feed them. I even have wild rabbits living in my front garden right now. After a day and a half Winston for sick and he was so young he could not fight against it. I’m so glad I got to try and help him even though it was so hard.

Next week I will get another rabbit another plush mini lop and the person lives closer to me so not lots of travel. It seems too soon to many but right now I have the time to bond with a rabbit before I go back to school and get busy. The rabbit I’m looking at is the far orange one he’s got black on his back and black on his head. I’m so glad God has given me the heart for such an amazing animal. Through heartache and pain comes even stronger love. That is how life is especially for the love that I have for the Lord. He can even use little rabbits for His glory.

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