Thank you so much ♥️

Thank you so much to all my readers. Yesterday I got a congratulations I had 100 readers. Today I have 101 signed up through word press. I do have more readers than that but not following me on here. I so appreciate all of you taking the time to read what I write. This started out as a simple blog and over the two years it’s grown into a passion for me. I love writing and I often write what God lays on my heart to write. Writing for me is therapeutic it’s an outlet to my feelings. I never imaged that people would want to read what I wrote.

Today my blog is a way for me to write my memoirs. A way for me to express my childhood in a non threatening way for me to do what I always wanted to bring Hope and Encouragement to others through my writing.

I love the blog world and I follow many of your blogs as well. Thanks again for all the support and I look forward to the many more things I will write and the people who follow me. 101 that’s a great accomplishment. 🙂 A story about that is that I never was good at English at all and I struggled lots at school. Writing was a huge weakness for me. For a long time I only wrote in my journals because I felt I was never good enough to write. The blog was a huge step out of my comfort zone. So glad I did it. It shows you that there is nothing you cannot do. Some of us just had to work harder at it. ♥️

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