Diving through lots of States in the USA🇺🇸

After saying goodbye to my family Luke, Liam and I drove from my hometown to NC. I have to say the US is very picturesque. I immediately fell in love with the countryside and the people were awesome. As we drove we took in the sights. I loved Montana really cute cowboy towns surrounded by the mountains. We drove through Wyoming and another beautiful State. Sheridan was a great town. Then we drove through Iowa, Nabraska to Minnesota. Luke surprised me and took me to the Laura Ingalls Museum. I love that series so much and still own all the seasons on DVD. We camped at Walnut Grove campground. Plum Creek ran beside the place where the museum was. I remember it being so pretty and huge black eyes Susan’s grew by the river back. That was very special and I got a bunch of things from the store in the museum.

We drove through Wisconsin it’s a State known for its cheese and for the first time I ate cheese curds. Not sure they are for me. They are very popular. Then we drove through Illinois and Kentucky. I loved Kentucky because it’s full of horses and huge stables. It is a state known for horseracing, Kentucky fried chicken and Kentucky colonel. It’s had beautiful scenery. Then we drove through Tennessee. Another beautiful State it has the Great smokey Mountains. It took us a week to drive and then we ended up in Asheville, NC. We found a home to rent in Montreat which is where Billy Graham and his wife at that time lived. It’s a beautiful college town surrounded by parks and a lake. Lake Susan I often walked around there.

This is what Lake Susan looked like. Imagine a college with this surrounding it and lots of great trails to walk in. It was so peaceful there. As we settled in and got to know the surrounding areas Luke and I discovered a church that we started going to in the town of Black mountain. I loved the people there so much and they embraced us into their flock. Luke liked it there as well. I joined the woman’s Bible study and I made friends there really fast. Still friends with a lot of them today. Liam decided to move out of the home we rented to do his own thing so we hardly ever saw him. We rented a little double wide trailer right beside this cemetery where Daniel Boone was buried. One great thing about the cemetery is you have the quietest neighbours. It was a really quaint cemetery.

We had started building a life in this town with all these great people. Luke had said when we moved to the US I could have a dog. I wanted a golden retriever so we found a woman in the valley who bred them. That story will be continued. All is I can say is I have not led a boring life. It’s a long trip to NC but I saw a lot of the US I may never see again. The adventure continues…..

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