Childhood friend ❤️

On Thursday I got to spend the day with my best friend from childhood. We did everything together including getting into trouble at school. Friends were hard to come by at school so when Karen and I bonded it was awesome. We reminisced about her walking me home sometimes from school even though she lived further then I did. She wanted me to feel safe because I often walked down this dark path home. My step mom refused to give me a ride when she came to school to pick up her children. After some drunk guy chased me. Karen would walk me to my road it was an hour or so out of her way. She’s a friend I could count often.

She had no idea until years later what had happened to me as a child. Nobody knew but she was always there for me.

I picked up her husband and her from one of the cruise ships that had come into Victoria that day. After huge hugs I took them back to my home and we had coffee and water. They spoilt me with many gifts and I took them to my favorite restaurant. I realized as we drove there that this was Karen’s favorite as well as her parents. We phoned them after lunch to say hi. Lunch was fabulous and quiet. Food was awesome. Blue’s Bayou you did not disappoint. It’s a really small restaurant in Brentwood Bay right on the water and they serve food from Louisiana. It’s such a small fun plane to eat.

We laughed so hard and the Irish lingo was great. So good to see them both and catch up. I’ve not seen them in 11 years. After lunch we walked down the walkway to the dock and took photos. I then took them to the town to Sidney . We walked downtown and we went to the Sidney bakery and picked up goodies. On the way back to the car I was so blessed with a big bouquet of flowers yellow and white. They were beautiful 💐. We took our baked goods back to my house again and hung out more. Then we drove back downtown to where their cruise ship was parked and there were two ships in the port as well. We walked around down there and saw the other ships. We then went into a store that sold tourist things. Karen giftedness with a picture of a bald eagle sitting in a tree. I loved bald eagles they are very significant in my Spiritual life.

I knew the day would go fast but it was just what I needed to laugh so hard and be with two people I love very much. Her husband is really funny and he’s got bad puns. Such a great day. I was treated like a queen. I’m sad they are gone but looking forward to their photos of their cruise up to Alaska. I will go now and visit them in Ireland. I’ve not been back since 1988. I’m ready to go back now. Karen and her family are like family to me. I look forward to that day. Love you guys thanks for an awesome fun day. ❤️😎

One thought on “Childhood friend ❤️

  1. Sounds like a great day together. I love the Blue Bayou restaurant too.and of course the waterfront in Victoria. It’s an easy city to enjoy! g



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