I miss you my friend ❤️

Grief ebbs and flows like one of my friends says. Last Friday we had the Celebration of life for Wendy. It was so beautiful and her two older sisters shared stories about her as a child which most of us never heard of. I loved hearing that her Grandparents lived right beside them and that they prayed for them everyday. I heard about the fun she had with her sisters and her brother and the crazy things Wendy did. She often made decisions about things that we all would take some time thinking about. Wendy would just do it. If it felt right in her heart. Wendy was good at everything she did and it showed with all her passions. Most of us could just do one business Wendy had about 5 she did well. I loved her wisdom about so many things.

Her celebration was beautiful. I know she was looking down from heaven. It was a rainy day all day and during her celebration the sun streamed through the windows of the church. The church was full of people who knew and loved Wendy and were impacted by her in some way. Her daughters got up and spoke about their mom and all the things we have done over the years. So many amazing memories. It was very interesting because her family all knew who I was because Wendy was part of the fantastic four. It was so nice to meet all of them. I’m not sure how the fantastic four will be now but we plan on still going on our road trips and Wendy will still be with us in Spirit.

Next weekend we will celebrate a birthday in our core friends. One I’ve lost my buddy to drive up island with and two not sure how to celebrate this birthday without her. She will be missed. She was always there. Two of friends from the fantastic four will be there so it’s good that we can gather to remember our good friend.

Even though the celebration of life was hard it’s given me the peace I needed to keep moving forward. I’ve been doing lots of art projects and keeping up with my self care. I have realized that when grief comes that I embrace it and not try to avoid it and count all my blessings with my friend. Even though it’s just three of us now the fantastic four will live on. Grief is hard and I have shed so many tears. I have a big hole in my heart it feels like it will never be filled in. Something I’ve been doing is realizing all the blessings that have come out of my life with knowing Wendy. There are so many I can’t even count them. I’m so glad we became friends. I miss her terribly but know that one day I will see her again. For now I need to live my life not taking anything for granted. 🌹🥀🌹

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