The boy who lights up my heart ♥️

I love how God answers prayers. You may never know how He does it or when. This is such an amazing story I wanted to share it with you all. Some of you have heard this story before and I’ve written about it. For those of you that haven’t this story blesses my heart beyond belief.

I used to want children when I was younger and I never had any. I had three step children who I knew when they were younger. Even though I never had children of my own God always blessed me with so many children I got to be with everyday in daycare or school. I’ve got friends whose children have meant the world to me. There’s no shortage of children. 6 years ago a little boy and his dad and his grandparents came into my life. I had no idea what this child and his family would change my life.

I always tell people that this boy is like the child I never had. He lights up my life and I’ve watched him grow into who he is today. For two and a half years I helped him with so many things he needed to learn in his life. He had a very unfortunate accident when he was 7 months old that left him with brain damage but he was not supposed to survive and not only did he but he beat the odds of his accident.

Learning has always been tougher for him but there’s nothing that he can’t do. He was told he would never be able to do many of the things that he can do today and he never talked for a long time and now talks and sings all the time. His laugh brightens up any room. When I first met him and his dad I started praying for them. His dad sent me a video of him when he learned how to say my name for the first time. About a year and a half ago his dad and him started going to church and today while he was coloring he put on a church service from his church he goes to now. He was singing the worship songs.

I love how much he loves hockey watching it on tv and going to the Harbour Cats. He watches basketball with his papa and baseball. He has learned how to ride a bike, learned how to swim and today I watched him scooter fast. He’s a typical 8 year old boy. I’m so glad that he beat the odds and he’s a miracle. I love that he loves God and talks about it to everyone he meets. God is good. From the first day I met him I see perseverance in everything he does. I would always tell him it’s hard at the beginning but the more you do it the easier it becomes. He’s proof of that. ❤️

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