Inspirational words for 2020

Many of us think of a new year with resolutions and goals we may want to achieve in a new year. I myself have been caught in this reflecting on the past year and things I want to change for this year.

I saw a post on a friend’s Facebook about words of inspiration for 2020 every year her and her daughter come up with at least 3 words for their year. This year she put a scripture with her word. I thought this was an awesome idea.

My word I think of this year is Perseverance. I chose this word because my biggest goal this year I want to work on is gaining my seniority at work so that I can return to the school that I love so much. Perseverance in building that relationship I want with God. Perseverance not giving up when things are hard and tough.

This is the scripture I chose to go with my word. We can only fix our eyes on Him and obey what He has for us in this life. Life can be hard but perseverance will always get us through it.

I thought about other words and another word I chose is Joy. When a person is going through Grief it’s sometimes hard to have joy. Joy for me means seeking out the simple things in life. Children playing and laughing. Stopping to smell the roses more often. Laughter for me is huge. I have a really good sense of humor and realized that I could use it in school to help the kids. I’m looking forward to what joy brings me this year.

My last word for the year is Gratitude. There is so much to be grateful for. Over the years I have written in a journal what I’m grateful for but not done it in a long time. Everyday I’m committed to reading scriptures and during that time I will list one thing I’m grateful for. I love gratitude so much.

What words will make up your year this year? I would love to hear yours or anything else that helps you this year.

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