Giving back to others….

I’m so grateful in my life for all those who love and care for me. Addiction for a long time was my life in so many ways. I had people who stood by me faithfully and I’m so thankful for all of them. I Believe addiction is easier to deal with if you have that support system.

I’m two and a half years free of sexual addiction and lately I’m wanting to help other women caught in the same addiction. I understand and have empathy and know to well what feelings sexual addiction brings to a person. Guilt and serious shame. Shame is awful and makes one feel so unworthy. I know now that feeling is not from God and He loves us no matter what. Slowly I’m learning who I am and that I no longer have to live in shame and guilt. Occasionally it creeps in and I pray and stop those lies in my head.

Just Recently God laid on my heart to help a woman caught in sexual addiction. She can’t afford to put a accountability filter on her devices. Three other woman and I pitched in so that we can buy her a year’s worth of accountability filters for her devices. For me that is one of my life lines. I will use that the rest of my life. I told this woman and she bust into tears and was thankful that we wanted to do this for her. I told her it was me giving back to her the way others had done this for me. She wept and was so taken back. I then saw shame creeping in and I told her it was very brave of her to tell me about this addiction and the first part of healing is bringing it into the Light.

I love that each one of these women wanted to donate their money to this cause. Each one of them whom I admire so much had an addiction also that they now are in sobriety. I’m praying for this lady. Sexual addiction is a tough addiction to be free from. I can say today I never thought I would ever come out of mine, but I was proven wrong and today I remain free.

I pray for other Women caught in this addiction as well. Send me a Message if you want resources or just need to talk I’m here for you. ❤️

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