Friends come and go over the years. In school you can have best friends and when school ends for me so did most of my relationships. I do have one I was friends with in high school that when we meet we can pick up where we left off. I like that it could be years past. I have a core of friends that we hung out in our 20’s and went on such awesome adventures. We always had the best adventures. Jesus Northwest in Washington, dune bugging on the Coast in Oregon. Camping trips to Tofino which were amazing. We all did everything together. Those were fun times when most of us were single.

Marriages and children came and times changed and we still hung out but didn’t do our crazy trips as much. As the years went on some of those people 3 in fact got cancer and died and it rocked us all. We had no idea what cancer was and it devestated us all. The core of people I hung out with I ended up having a falling out with 3 of my best friends. It devestated me to the core of my soul. As years went on I reconnected with one of them. We had in common breeding rabbits and going to shows. The other friend moved away but the falling out took a toll on our friendship. Decisions in my life made them distance from me. Then two of the three came back and one of my friends said in time she will come back as well. Ten years past and I had an opportunity to hang out with some of my friends and this women who I was a astrained from. Slowly we hung out in groups and slower I was allowed to come back in. It’s been four years since that happened and it seems like God has bound all of us so much more. I even got a new friend out of it all.

Friends to me are so important especially now as we get older. I love and appreciate what I have. God uses them and their circumstances for His glory. Recently again one of those special friendships I have is being threatened by life and what it brings. I have shed many tears and I wish bad things didn’t happen to those you love but that is life. God has given me the gift of prayer and I know a whole bunch of Amazing prayer warriors. God has this situation. He will use it for His glory. I don’t understand it but I trust God with all of my heart. For now I wrap myself around my peeps and pray for them. I love the heart God has given me over these people. We will get through this together. ❤️

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