Things we can do in this pendemic to get through this……

Seems like we will be stuck in this pendemic forever. Our curve had been flattened here on Vancouver Island but now we are starting to see a rise of more people getting the virus again. Again today two more cases. The first wave was tough isolating at home. I think it’s probably harder doing this journey on your own. Maybe the married people would think oh man I’m not sure I can get through another wave with this person. I have to say being on my own was not as bad as I thought it would be. I’m a social person but also love my alone time.

I hope we don’t have to go back to months at home. I love and enjoy my home but it’s hard not being able to see your friends or be able to go out when you want. It’s funny I was dying to get out once out I was dying to get back home. I think I chose the wrong career not sure if school will be back in Sept maybe only back to essential workers. I’m grateful for government assistance but I’ve never been on it ever. I love my job so we will see what happens this summer. If numbers keep rising then we may have to go back to being in our homes again.

This pendemic has been hard on so many people. I watch my mom struggle with my dad who has dementia and the stresses that come with that. My best friend started her chemo today that will be a really hard journey for her. I watch others struggle with losses and not being able to have funerals for their loved ones. I watch the care homes be shut down and nobody being able to visit their loved ones. My grandpa is 104 and a half and my parents can only visit with him outside the care home. It’s so confusing for them.

Businesses are struggling to stay afloat many just shut their doors. Domestic violence has risen and abuse of children. What do these families do when their resources are cut off. Isolation is not the answer but being able to connect is key. Video calls, social distancing, making your bubble smaller again. I’m not sure we will ever go back to church. I’m so grateful for the zoom times we have. I pray that we don’t rise up so much we are forced back into our homes again. Reach out to others who you know are Alone. Drop off some flowers, send a card or just say hi to your neighbours. We will get through this pendemic together. 🙂

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