Stress on our children

During this pendemic is stressful enough for the adults what happens to the children in all of this. I see how much stress and anxiety it’s causing the children. It’s hard for them they don’t understand about it. I know many of them hear their families talking about it and then it comes out at school.

For six months they did not come to school only a few went to school. Six months is a long time to be at home and not allowed to play at parks or be near other children. As an adult it’s hard enough to remember not to touch someone let alone a kid. How many five year olds really understand that? Some of our children come to school with a mask, some keep them on most take them off. They feel the pressure that their families want them to wear them. It’s so hard to play, talk, socialize with a mask on. Many just want to be kids. They take them off.

I see tears and some are so scared when a child brushes past them. I’ve seen some of them drawing covid in their workbooks. All day we wash our hands and put on hand sanitizer. We feel the stress from their families, they in turn feel that stress. I told a teacher today we will all be so messed up from what we couldn’t do when the virus is over.

When the children are in school we let them be kids as much as possible. For the time they come to school they get a break from the stress from the outside world. We follow the rules of what we are supposed to do. Please make sure that we listen to what these children say. They are important and have feelings just like us. I like many can’t wait for this virus to be done.

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