Today is American Thanksgiving. I’m so thankful for all of my American friends. I have a lot of them in different states. I have a lot of them who live in NC. My husband and I used to live there for 5 years. We lived up in the Mountains in a cute town called Black Mountain. It’s nestled near the Blue Ridge Parkway. That is the most Amazing drive and the scenery is to die for. The blue Ridge Parkway runs through many states.

The Blue Ridge Parkway is a National Parkway and All-American Road in the United States, noted for its scenic beauty. The parkway, which is America’s longest linear park, runs for 469 miles through 29 Virginia and North Carolina counties, linking Shenandoah National Park to Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Wikipedia

It’s such a beautiful drive. I loved living in the Blue Ridge Mountains so much and made many friends. I’m still blessed to have many of them still in my life. It’s gorgeous Countryside. Well worth a visit if you’ve never been there. Southerns are amazing friendly people that welcome you into their neighbourhoods and bring you dinner. Southern hospitality is like nothing I’ve ever experienced.

I have an awesome friend who lives in Arkansas and runs a ranch where they rescue horses and team them up with children. I went to visit her and I’d never been to Arkansas before. It’s beautiful but can be extremely hot like when I went. I also have another good friend living in this state as well.

One of my favorite places to visit is Central Oregon. It’s my home away from home. I often write about it. I love it so much and have been to visit in both winter and summer. I have some of my best friends who live there. Those snow colored mountains make my heart skip a beat Every time I see them. I hate covid because our border has been closed for so long. I had hoped to return to Bend this Christmas. Now I’m hoping I can go back and visit in the summer. I’m hoping to go and volunteer at the ranch of rescued dreams. The ranch known as Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch.

I’m so blessed and Thankful for all my friends who live there. So many good memories and good times. I also have other friends scattered across the US I’m thankful for each of them as well. God has blessed me with many great people in my life. I am truly blessed.

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