We are called to help our neighbours

We are called to help our neighbours. A good friend of mine said to me last night when I was complaining about taking water out of my basement. What would Jesus do? He would have helped out and taken that water out of that basement. Even though I felt it was not my job. I realized that we are called to help others and my landlord is older and he has a sick wife. This also is my home and he’s been very gracious with both Larry and I and so I realized that I’m so glad I was able to help him. This was a lesson in humility for me and I may not have liked it, I did it to help him. This morning I feel gratitude in my heart. This year as I thought about goals for 2021 I wanted to help people more. My attitude adjusted when I realized that I was given an opportunity to help a neighbour. I’m grateful for the friend who made me stop and realize that this was a good thing.

Just like the people that are coming over to put in a sump pump to help the landlord. We are all banning together to help out. When I die I want people to know that I will lend a hand to others no matter what. There are things in our lives that we don’t want to do but doing them makes you feel so much better inside.

Reach out to someone today. 🙂 Pay it forward to someone else. Bring a smile to the face of someone.

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