Standing up for what is right

You would think standing up for people was an easy thing to do. It’s really hard especially when you hate conflict. God has had me standing up for people at school and now outside school. I was led to approach two gals at school about how they were treating another person. I couldn’t sit there anymore while they tore strips off another person. At first the two were really defensive and wanted to confront me. I prayed lots about it and set up clear boundaries with both of them. They were not very happy with me but now they both have changed their attitudes and have become much more pleasant to be around. I didn’t even have to meet with them. When they see me now and are very polite and friendly to me.

I’ve learned a lot about conflict over the years and many times it will end like it did in this situation. I know how to conduct myself and stand on what I believe. I also did it in love. I Believe others see me and watch me and that I can be an example to others. Christ asks us to love others. If I had approached the situation in a whole different manner then it would have ended up badly. At first I wanted to run away but I knew if I did the whole situation would have continued or gotten worse.

A couple of days ago I happened to be in the right place at the right time. I now know that God had me be at home off work that day for a reason. Again I was put in a situation that required me to stand up for those who can’t stand up for themselves. It’s a really hard thing to do but one that I must do. I often talk about my own childhood and how nobody stood up for me as a kid. That totally messes your whole life up when anybody is caught in an abusive relationship /situation. It has taken me half of my life to get to where I don’t need therapy. Abuse of any kind messes you up bad. Now I don’t hesitate if I see something that is not right.

Again it’s really hard for me and it usually triggers me in some way. Now that I have healthy ways to deal with trauma. I reach out to my friends, phone people I trust, be really kind to myself and cry. To the day I die I will always stick up for others. I have protected many children and adults. I’m so glad God put this protective part in me. So next time you see someone in trouble reach out and help them. You can change their lives even in a small way.

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