It seems like this past year is a season of grief for me. I just land on my feet and then I’m back into grief again. I hate grief so much because it feels like my heart is broken in two. One thing I have learned is to grieve grief. Even though it’s really hard for me and sometimes I feel as though I will cry and not stop. It’s also a time of reflection for me. I see God in things around me and I know He is near. On Tuesday I saw a bald eagle outside my window and after a hail storm I saw a rainbow.

The day before my friend Jenni died I saw a bald eagle up in the tallest tree in the park outside my window. I knew that even though I could not be with her, I knew God had her in the palm of His hands. The next day she died an awesome fight. On Tuesday I saw a big bald eagle and I knew that God was near. Yesterday evening my good friends husband died. He also fought a good fight. He was an amazing man. He was the quiet type but when he spoke, he had such wisdom. Up at a church camp he shared in our group how he met his wife. He talked about his Mission work they did in Nepal and how their children and them helped so many others.

He was a very soft spoken man who loved the Lord and his family so much. I didn’t know him long but I got to know his wife well and she talked lots about him. I’m so sorry after his heart surgery life has been so difficult for him. It doesn’t seem fair that his life is lost. It does however make me reflect on my life and how to never take it for granted. Life is to short and its precious. B he effected many people’s lives. This will be a huge loss in our community. I’m really sad by this.

” The Lord is near the brokenhearted, He saves those crushed in Spirit.” Psalm 34:18

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