Simplicity – not making things complicated

I smile at the title of this blog. I spent the weekend with my dad last weekend and he told me often that his favorite word is simplicity. I love simplicity because like he said not making things complicated. I think many of us over think things that are simple. I know I do I get bogged down and then it’s no longer fun or its something I just want to run from. Since Covid my life has become simple and I love it. Simple to me is sitting at God’s feet each morning with a good cup of coffee, listening to my favorite worship music, hanging out with one of my good friends and just laughing about silly things. Spending quality time with my dad. We had so much fun last weekend. He’s funny and I laughed like I had not done in a long time.

Simplicity to me is seeing the world from a child’s perspective. Helping children at school with their big emotions. I love to sit on the bench and just be with them. Simplicity making people including children laugh. I often cheer them up with humor. šŸ˜‚ Praying for someone that needs prayer. šŸ™ Sending someone a note or verse just to let them know your thinking of them. Simple is not using piles of words just being where they are. I love that.

During Covid I learned to stop and take in what is around me and it made us all slow down. At first it was hard but now I have learned that I don’t need to be busy all the time. I’ve spent more time with God this last year. Really sitting and listening. I’ve seen a lot of hurt and grief this year but throughout it all I have seen God moving.

Where have you seen God moving this year? Simplicity is a choice, a choice to slow down and see what is important in our lives. My dad is full of wisdom and I’ve had some of the best conversations with him. He’s such a special man in my life. I always wanted a father and I got the best one. ā¤ļø Thank you Lord.

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