God’s timing

Sometimes it seems like we have to wait really long for things we want or it never seems like the right time. Sometimes we pray for things that never seem to come to pass. It’s not that God has forgotten us it’s just not the right timing. God often uses what we are waiting for His glory.

For a long time I was writing my memoirs. They are really hard to write and I’ve written a lot but then I stopped. I’ve put them out of my mind until today I feel I’m supposed to continue writing them. I feel huge peace about this decision which always means that it’s God’s timing. My memoirs are written really raw because you can’t pretty up abuse.

I have found over the years it’s easier for me to blog then write about my life. I do love writing so I would appreciate prayers. I will blog alongside writing and maybe I will give you snippets of what I’m writing. This is God’s story He’s just used me to tell it. I would appreciate prayers from all of you. Thanks.

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