Little girl lost memoirs

Little girl who is lost in this big huge world.

Nobody to love her,

Nobody to look out for her.

Who will she turn too and trust when she’s scared.

How come nobody loves her, she’s a beautiful blonde haired girl.

She fades into the background, hoping that nobody notices her.

She’s like a shadow that people just pass by.

Will anybody notice her, will they reach out and love her.

All she wants is someone to smile at her to let her know it will be ok.

At school the children don’t ever seen to notice her, she fades in the background even at school.

The children make fun of her because she’s awkward, her clothes are old and ragged.

She keeps her head down eye contact makes it harder.

Finally a lady who had
cerebral palsy reaches out and smiles. The children make fun of her how she walks. The girl looks for her each day she makes me feel better even for a moment.

This woman makes school a better place. She works at the school library. This lady Mrs. Baker introduces the girl to reading.

Reading is the best escape and those stories give the girl hope that there is a better life out there.

The adventures in reading and stories is so good. The lost girl feels like this woman really cares and the stories are so much better then her life.

Imagination is amazing and it fills up all the voids in the girls life. Imagination and fantasy keep the little girl alive one more day one more year.

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