Last Sunday was the start of Advent. Hope is the first week. There is so much to be hopeful for in this fallen world. Growing up in an abusive environment and having no idea where your next meal is coming from. Would I survive the world I was thrown into as a small child. I used to imagine what my mom was like. Who was she would she love me like I needed to be loved. All I had in my life was Hope that one day I would get out of the environment I was in and live a better life. There had to be a better life out there.

12 years of hell is like a lifetime. When I moved to Canada and found my mom there eventually was Hope that I never had to endure what I had for so long. I found people who loved me unconditionally. I found Hope in Jesus and from them on Hope is why I continue to write my blog. It doesn’t matter where or what you’ve been through in your life there is always hope especially with the Lord in your life. If I didn’t have a personal relationship with Christ I would never have found this Hope.

I love the Christmas season and Advent. So much to be grateful for and thankful. As Christians we have the Hope of Christ. I never get tired of the Christmas story. What are you hopeful for in your life? Do you feel Hope during this time of the year? Do you feel the promises that God has given us?

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