I have four half sisters and one half brother and my brother who lives here in Canada near me. Growing up I was really close to Laura. She’s four years younger then I am. We did everything together. We had an awesome relationship and I love this gal so much. We laughed and did Everything together. Laura was really effected about how my brother and I were treated. She suffered from depression and would become really sad when things became really hard for my brother Peter and I. We went to school together, walked home together. Waking home was always boring so Laura and I tried smoking our first cigarettes together. We tried to feel cool although the taste of cigarettes is nasty. Of course our dad found them on me one morning and I kept my mouth shut about my sister. He made me smoke the whole pack seeing as he said I liked smoking. Man I was so sick and that was the end of the smoking. 🚬

Laura was the sister when we went on Holidays who rode the donkey with me. She loved horses so she graduated to riding horses on that trip and I stuck to the stubborn donkeys. Laura and I hung out all the time up at the farm. My stepmom’s family owned a farm in County Cavan. I’m not sure how long they owned that farm for but Martha’s my step mom, mom and dad had the farm before it was passed down to their kids.

The farm had cows, a bull where Laura and I wore red and raced in front of the bull so he’d chase us. We did that often. Chickens, pigs and piglets. Wow piglets squeal loudly. They also had sheep and sometimes we got to feed the lambs with bottles. That was awesome. They milked the cows and sold the milk. The farm was huge. I loved the farm so much. That was a place where Laura and I got to run and be free all day. I loved that feeling.

The only part of the farm I hated was Martha’s brother he was weird. Laura and I always stayed away from him. He carried his shot gun around a lot and he would catch rabbits and put them in brown sacks and tie them up and wait until they suffocated. Laura and I would come and let the rabbits out and he would get so mad. We would run off and laugh.

Unfortunately I sometimes was locked up in a bedroom in the newer house that was built on the same land as the farm. Martha’s brothers lived there and her mom and dad when they were alive. Martha’s sister Kathy lived not to far away with her eight children and her husband. My family would often go over there to visit. I would just sit and wait for them to come back. Jerry the guy with the gun he sexual abused me while I was at home alone. He did that three times and then threatened to kill me if I told anybody about that. Of course I kept silent.

Now as an adult where was my family why didn’t they protect me from this monster. My family never protected me from anything. Years later I told Peter about it and he told my family and of course they did not believe me. Please make sure that if you are ever abused in any way you tell someone. The consequences of abuse is massive and it took years to deal with it all. Even though you move on you never forget. I was about 10 when this happened and I remember shortly after that I developed asthma. Probably from the stress of this and not being able to tell anyone. Years later Peter confronted Jerry about what happened. Hopefully he never did that to another person again. I had no idea what happened to him because I never went back to the farm again. Laura and I hung out at home a lot. My other siblings were all younger than Laura Gina was two years younger than Laura, Roger was the only boy, Danielle and Tiffany was the youngest. Danielle and Tiffany were two and three years old when I left Ireland. I hung out and played with all my siblings but my closest one was Laura.

* The names of the people I used in this story have been changed. *

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