Looking for love in all the wrong places

When I finally decided to have a relationship there’s much I know now that I didn’t know back in my 20’s. Having attachment issues complicates relationships even more. My first boyfriend was a couple of years of an unhealthy relationship. Looking back now no idea when I was in it. My boyfriend came from a very strict religious family nobody in his life was good enough. He never told them about me. I spent all my time with him and left my friends in the dust. I wish I had waited until marriage but had a sexual relationship to top it off. That complicates things even more. So many unhealthy things and we both claimed to be Christians. How can you have a healthy relationship when two people have no idea how to make it healthy. We both went to the same church and hung out with the same people. After a year and a half of dating he asked me to marry him and I said no. It seemed like he only asked me because he got moved in his job to Ottawa.

I had a chance to go to Ottawa and do a nanny job and go to school and complete my diploma in Early Childhood Education. I decided to see where that would leave us in our relationship. I had free room and board as long as I looked after the two children in the home I lived it. I loved school in Ottawa and it’s such a beautiful city. I loved school and did really well there because I had worked out in the field for a year. A lot of people in my class where jealous of me because I had experience and they had none. I got to do pilot projects and had awesome practicums which I will save for another blog.

After a semester of school the people who I was helping with their children let me go as they wanted me to miss to much school. I got home from school one day to find all my belongings outside the front door asking me to never see the kids again or come back. Thank goodness my boyfriend had a two bedroom apartment so I moved into his place. After a couple of months he broke up with me and said I could stay until I went back to Victoria where I lived. Thank goodness I had school and friends I had made as it was horrible living with him after we broke up. Obviously marriage wouldn’t have worked. I was not upset and glad to be out of the dysfunctional relationship.

Today being Valentine’s Day today is just a normal day for me. I posted on my Facebook this morning that we should love people all year round. I’m super happy and content in my life and so glad I have many awesome great friends. I love my life the way it is now. ❤️

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