Trusting and waiting and being rewarded

You’ve heard that saying when one door closes another one opens. 5 days ago I got news that I had never expected. I was told by my landlady that I was going to have to move in two months because their son was diagnosed with stage 3 emphysema. He can’t be in his place and they want him here. I just found this place 6 months ago and I signed a years lease. I was shocked and overwhelmed. I live in a city where housing is very expensive but there is a shortage. Lots of people with pets trying to find housing that is over priced and nobody wanting pets. To top it off I have two pets a Labradoodle and an outdoor rabbit. My teacher at school recommended I put an ad in to tell people who I am and what I want. I had applied for two places but you never hear back. Seems like landlord’s pile in the people interested and may the best person win.

On the second day my counselor told me that I need to have faith and wait. I don’t know about you but I hate waiting and especially hate the unknown. I reached out to everyone I knew to see if word of mouth would be my best option. Also my landlady told me I had to be out by April 30th even if I hadn’t found a place to live. I would have fought that one as she broke my lease but I also knew that I would not be homeless.

On Tuesday night after I had gone to bed I got an email. I picked it up Wednesday morning and it said that they had seen my ad I had posted looking for a place to live and that they had a one bedroom house separate from their home coming up March 31st and was I interested. I had to reread it twice. They would take me, Zeke my dog and my rabbit. After lots of communication on Wednesday and agreed for me to see it Friday evening.

On Thursday evening I listened to a two hour benefit concert for my friend who a year ago had a brain aneurism and was told she would not survive and that evening online I saw her up on stage with all the people she’s ever sang with. She’s an amazing singer but since her stroke she can’t sing right now. The benefit was to raise money to help her live on her own independently, to get her daughter back, medical and other things.

Beth Moore who is an amazing Bible teacher for up and spoke. One of the things she talked about was if your in the middle of something that is when God can use you. That day I felt such peace and knew whatever happened with the house that I would be ok. Fast forward I took my friend to see the house last night. It’s perfect and less rent then I’m paying now. I told her I would like to rent it and signed me up. I have her references and she thanked me. She took me on my emails and obviously I was the person she had picked for her suite so she didn’t call references. She never advertises her suite. I’ve had people say wow in 5 days you were given notice and got a suite what great luck that is. With God is not luck, it’s part of His plan and with all that stacked against me in this housing market. This could only be God so he closed one door but he opened a huge one for me and blessed my socks off. The timing couldn’t be better either at I’m off two weeks for Spring break and I move at the end of my Spring break. In 26 days I move. Thank goodness I downsized the last time and because my suite is so small it’s not a hard move for me and the place was brand new and I’ve kept it really clean.

I’m looking forward to a new adventure when we left I saw the most incredible colorful sunset with a great view. The place was peaceful and soon I will be a part of that. Here we come!!!!!

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