Bullying others

This has been on my mind so I thought I’d write about it. I always try to see the best in others. I’m gracious, compassion and understanding. Recently I’ve been in a situation where I’ve bent over backwards for people and given them piles of grace. I don’t think most people would have put up with a lot of what I have had to do. I’m wondering why people think when your nice to them do they want to take advantage of you. Why are they only nice to you when they want something and then turn really ugly when they speak out ? It’s taken me a long time to trust people from all the crap I went through as a kid. I don’t want to change who I have become but certainly don’t want to have to be the brunt of ugliness. Why do these people think it’s ok to treat others like this?

It’s not ok to bully others into what you want for them. I had heard stories about this person and I listened to them and now after what I have experienced I see truth to what they said. I asked my pastor recently why people treat others like this and he told me ” Unfortunately miserable people is often the norm.” I can’t imagine treating anybody like this and being nice and sweet and then becoming almost a different person when it came to their family. This behaviour reminds me of my stepmom. Also you have no idea when the next crazy thing will happen.

No matter what has happened I’ve risen above it and have prayed for them and their family. I imagine they will continue to behave that to others but that’s not my concern. I won’t be around it anymore. I love how God meets our needs and knows exactly what we need. I don’t need toxic relationships in my life. I need those who are kind, caring, understanding and compassionate. Those who love others and those who lift me up. Bullying happens way to much in our society and I hate that especially the vulnerable get caught in it. Bullying will only stop when people speak out about it. ❤️

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