Even though we were over 3,000 miles away from my family, I have to say that NC was an amazing place to live. I made friends fast and we had found a church we loved and I got to know the woman. I’m still friends with many of them today. As I’ve said before Southerns are very outgoing friendly people. Luke promised me a dog when we lived here and after doing some research we found a lady who bred golden retrievers who lived down the bottom of the mountain. We became fast friends with her. We’d go visit her and she often had puppies in her kitchen. I would go for puppy snuggles and love. Golden puppies are the best. I was on the list for a puppy unfortunately the dog I was waiting for a puppy from was not pregnant. I knew at some stage I’d get a dog.

One day Mary called me and said a lady had golden puppies she had used one of Mary’s dogs as a stud. Mary came with me and we picked the pick of the litter. The day arrived when we brought home our puppy. I named her Liberty-anne. Oh my gosh I was in love and so was everyone who met her. I never owned a dog before so we found a place I could train her at. Two of the ladies I met there I still keep in touch with them. I learned lots of great things. Liberty was an amazing sensitive dog and later when I was really depressed she helped me so much be able to just get out of bed each day. She just knew I needed her. Liberty was there when I was lonely for my family. I never saw them in five years. That’s a long time not to see them.

Even though I had tons of friends I was lonely for my family. Things were getting harder and harder in my marriage and it seemed like we constantly moved from place to place. After 4 years in NC Luke felt we were supposed to move to Washington State and look after a ranch. I didn’t realize it was a ranch so isolated from everyone and so many of our friends in NC felt that we were not supposed to go. It was hard to get up and leave all that I knew. The ranch was beautiful yes and we had a nice place to live but it was far away from a town and people. That was one of the hardest moves we had made so far. Thank goodness I had Liberty. She was my saving grace.

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