My year at school

Tomorrow is the last day this school year with my kindergarten children. I feel sad but I know that each one of them is ready for Grade 1. This year has been a different year for me not one I expected. I never know what each year brings. This year I worked with a boy with autism. I’ve worked with young children for over 35 years and in all those years I’ve never worked with a boy with autism. In the Early childhood education world of a child has autism or is hired out to the most qualified person. That was never me. Even though I have been challenged this past 10 months, I have loved this opportunity to work with this boy. He’s an amazing child who I’ve learned a lot from. Even when I didn’t know what to do my teacher I worked with this year she’s amazing and I learned a lot from her.

Each child in our class also taught me many things. I find it amazing that children can create cats, rabbits, back packs, purses with paper. We have some amazing creators. I love their creativity and how each of them will help each other. I love the creative things made from magnetic blocks, Lego, and the endless car tracks with jumps and other creative ways to make the cars go faster. I love all the coloring there was lots and endless making of food in the kitchen.

These children loved books and often could be found sitting in a chair reading to friends or adults reading. I loved the games of go fish, candyland, snakes and ladders. There was always lots to do in our class and my teacher had resources. She’s an amazing caring lady who always puts her students and families first. Her heart is huge and what a privilege to work with her this year. I will miss her a lot but glad I can go visit and I appreciate all that you have taught me this year. We had fun, we laughed when that’s what all we could do. Humor is an Amazing tool and children love to laugh. I’m proud of each of them for sticking with things when they got really hard and never giving up. You guys rock. Have a good summer and I look forward to seeing each of you in September.

As the year closes I reflect on our school. So many people come and they want to stay and say how much we all work together as a team. Our school is strong in teamwork, communication, team spirit and that each person cares so much for their students. I love that we have a Labradoodle who comes in to our school and works with her owner who is the school counselor. Tilly is a huge part of our school. She is loved by everyone. We have amazing office staff and our principal is amazing with the children. The children love that he’s part of Tour la rock this year.


It’s a two-week, 1,200-kilometre bike ride for a team of first responders and people from the community who raise money for children and their families affected by pediatric cancer. But it’s so much more than that. It’s the biggest community event on Vancouver Island — unifying every community from Victoria to Port Alice as we rally together to support children who are battling cancer. Our school is a huge part of our community. I love that.

I’m honoured to part of it. Even when your challenged in something I Believe it makes you understand more and helps you teach children even better. ❤️

2 thoughts on “My year at school

  1. Now retired, I taught high school and middle school for 40 years. I really appreciate reading about your journey with this recent school year. I know that each of my daughters was blessed with a remarkable kindergarten teacher. God’s peace!


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