The simplicity of life

Children see things so simply that we often miss as adults. We tend to always be in a hurry for the next thing, rushing from place to place. We forget about slowing down. I spent this weekend with my dad. He has dementia and each time I go and spend time with him, I see things that I realize that if I didn’t go through this with him I would miss. I realized this weekend he sees things in such a simple lense. He sees things that if I didn’t slowdown I would miss. I love how he sees the world.

Even though it’s really hard to watch a member of your family go through dementia. This weekend was fantastic. He’s on a medication that has been upped a bit so it helps with his anxiety and helps him focus more on things. He doesn’t get as fixated on things and it’s the most clear headed I’ve seen him in a long time. He’s still the same guy and he’s funny we laugh often. Last night he called me kid that’s what he called me when I was a teenager.

Many who know me, know that my real dad was a monster and never was there for me ever. B has known me since I was 14 and he’s the best father. I love my times with him and now seeing the world through his eyes. It’s simple and not rushed, it’s a gift and each time I’m with him I learn so many things. So next time you feel rushed slow down and see what is out there. Be curious about the world out there. I guess that’s why there’s a saying it there “Stop and smell the roses.”

6 thoughts on “The simplicity of life

  1. Thanks Sarah, a great feed back.
    I recognse B and had some great times with him too this summer.
    It was an amazing experience.
    So glad you can spend those times with him.


  2. When I was struggling with discouragement while singing weekly for people in a memory care unit one nurse told me something that I still recall. She said that it is as if God is turning back the clock day by day. Thank you for sharing those precious moments with your dad and the spectacularly beautiful photos.


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