The start of the end of my Marriage – memoirs

After we arrived back in Canada, I had not seen my family for 5 years. I had missed them so much and they were so glad I had come home. I had missed so many things while I was gone. One of them being my nephew I had never met him before he was 2 and a half. I had missed his birth and all that time knowing who he was. That I regreted so much. I had missed my friends most of them had stopped being my friend because of decisions I had made. I came back like I was starting from scratch. L’s family was so glad to see us. Not only was L’s dad sick but his brother in law had a brain tumor. His family needed our help. His dad brought a property up in Mill Bay and it had acreage and we had a one bedroom off the garage. I had my golden retriever and we helped out L’s dad. The property was a lot of work so we helped out lots and L worked in the family business.

The property came with chickens and we eventually got two sheep. Oreo was black and white and there was a white one don’t remember the name. We got the kind you didn’t have to shear. They were to keep down the weeds but we realized that sheep can be picky in what they eat. The property also came with two geese. They were very protective of their space and often swam in the pond. Father goose he loved to chase me and I was petrified of him when he attacked me one day that was it every chance he got he’d chase me. I always made sure that I had something to protect myself with. The property also had a pool and a hot tub. It had a barn as well and a riding ring which Gwen one of the neighbours used.

L always told me that me giving him an ultimative was the break of our marriage. He said I lost respect for him and he punished me for that. He stopped all intimacy with me and hung that over my head as much as he could. I was so happy that I was back home I just ignored what he told me. In fact I saw what others had told me all along and I sought out counsel from others. For a year we lived on the mini farm and when L’s dad got worse we moved back into the city. L and I found a home that would become my home for 13 years with him and 2 on my own. He worked with his family and his brother in law passed away with cancer first and two months later his dad passed away. I got to help care for him in his home. I’ve never done that before and I have to say it was a life changing event in my life. I loved my father in law so much. He was a very wise man and I loved hanging out with him and my mother in law. We often spent time in their home or up at the lake playing cards or having meals together. That was an amazing part of my life. I miss him and L’s brother in law so much. He was such an amazing man of faith and his story about his life was a testimony of how God looked after him since he was a little boy. For his 50th wedding anniversary I made a scrapbook about L’s dad and mom and their lives growing up. I interviewed their families and heard about all the stories. It was truly amazing. Each of their pasts and how God brought them together. Those are the legacies that L’s dad left behind.

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