When we feel like giving up


Sometimes we all feel like giving up in life. Life gets too much what do we do when we feel like that. So many times in my life I wanted to just crawl into bed and never come out again. It’s too hard.  This photo of this horse with Hope written on his back still brings tears to my eyes. You also can see he’s missing an eye. This horse should have died. Not only did he live but he fought with all he had to survive. This horse’s name is Hero. He survived all odds after being shot in the head twice. Then he was trailing a long lead rope wandering high in the Cascade mountains.

A owner asked someone he knew to sell his horse because he not afford him anymore. This person instead took him high in the mountains and shot him once in the head but it did not kill him so shot him another time. He was left for dead. Somewhere in this brave horse all he wanted was to survive, he had to.  He survived unbelievable odds.  It seemed as though he had been wandering for several weeks. The vet figured that this small horse had lost about 200 pounds and was very dehydrated.  After lots of people heard about Hero, this horse gave so many people Hope in their lives. They realized that with the hope of the Lord that their lives could change as well.  You can read more about Hero and his amazing story of survival at Meet our horse Hero http://www.crystalpeaksyouthranch.org 

None of us can imagine how this horse felt left for dead. When we feel like we no longer can on what makes us get out of bed and move forward. It’s so hard and it takes everything we have in us. For me I could not do it without prayer and crying out to God lots. I needed God’s strength to help me put one foot in front of the other. I know that Hero must have felt God’s strength in his journey. This gentle meek horse had a will to live. Hero has inspired so many including me to keep moving forward no matter how hard it is. They found the will to live.  When we reach out to the Lord, He will carry us through any of our trials and walk beside us like he did those weeks Hero wandered up in the high mountains confused and hurt. How else could he survive? No matter what we face in our lives we must keep running the race. When we feel like we can no longer do it, God will pick us up and carry us. He is our strength.


There were many times in my life growing up that I wanted to just end my life and no go on. I had no will to live where my abuse just seemed to get worse and worse. I recently have seen that God was always with me no matter what circumstance I was in. How could one survive all of that. That is why this story of Hero is close to my heart. It’s a MIRACLE both stories. Miracles only come from God. Even trapped in addiction I fought so much because I wanted to live and so many times I wanted to just give up. I couldn’t because God always gave me the strength to fight.

I’m so glad I fought and cried out to the Lord and survived horrific abuse and addiction. One of my favorite verses is but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, and they will walk and not be faint.    Isaiah 40:31

When you feel like giving up reach out, call out to God He is listening and wanting to help. The story of Hero gives us all real hope.

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