Trusting God


In times of trouble who do you trust? I would like to think I always trusted God but I didn’t. Much of my life I have struggled with addiction, when things got tough I numbed out the pain. For that brief moment I thought things would feel better I guess they do but afterwards I always regretted what I had done. That guilt and shame and saying to myself that I will never do that again ever!!!!! WE know how that turns out. Addiction always leads us back there again.

I  now have  16 months of sobriety and when I feel tempted I stop what i’m doing and Pray to God. Then I write down what I am feeling what are the triggers and I pray about them. I get into God’s word and I reach out to  friend or friends. I often will listen to worship music or I will write in my blog or in my memoirs. Yes I’m writing a book. This is a huge thing that I must trust God in. It’s hard to write about my life growing up and bringing up all that pain, but then I am reminded that this is God’s book and I’m writing it with Him.

I am living life with different eyes  and a different heart. I trust God now more than ever. He’s always been there He’s waiting for us to rely soley on Him for all our needs and trust Him in those times of trouble. ” Be Strong of good courage, Be not afraid, neither be dismayed for the LOrd is with you.”  Joshua 1:9  


Lately I have been feeling inner peace, inner peace that only comes from God when you trust Him with everything.  ” Be still and know I am God.” Psalm 46:6  I trust God with my future, job, finances and everything. I realized recently that Peace is found in Faith.  Faith comes from listening, praying and doing. This is the motto of my good friend Kim Meeder. It’s easy to pray and listen but really hard to do what God wants for us no matter what. I’m still learning how to do this. As my faith grows God gives us boldness to do His will. 

Are we willing to trust Him no matter what it takes? Do we trust that He will provide for us and take care of all our needs? 



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