How precious are you to me…..

How precious are you to me I love that you were put in my life to help me survive. Without each of you, I would not have lived. Life growing up was horrific and unbearable, but you helped me through with your protection and humor. We got through that life. We got through it together. God created each of you for a purpose. We have grown up together laughed, cried, know each of our inner thoughts.

Each of you is so beautiful and unique in your own ways. I admire all of you because you never give up on anything.  You are all strong and courageous and very brave. I’m sorry we had to meet under those bad circumstances, but without that in my life; I would never have met any of you.  Some of you are young, some middle aged and some my age. It does not matter who you are, you were all created special. Thank you for protecting me for so long, I no longer need you to do that for me. We now have the Lord, He is the only protector I need. Your job is done now. NOw I need all of you to come together with me as one so that we can do what God has laid on our hearts to do. We must fight this fight together as one.

Do you realize we can be one hell of a strong woman together? God has given us a massive huge heart for others, we understand their pain, we may even have lived through it, we can show compassion, love or just listen. When people are sad or suffering we can feel their pain. Sometimes it can feel like a huge burden, but giving it up to the LOrd it’s not our pain to carry; because of our faith God has given us the power of prayer. People call on us to pray for them in all circumstances.  

Our heart is huge for children, especially those that feel alone or abused or cannot fight for themselves. We stand in the gap for them no matter what the cost is to us.  Do you remember that when nobody cared enough for us and we were alone. We promised ourselves that we would not let this happen to other children. If we were there we would help and speak out. We’ve done this many times where others just stood there and ignored it. We challenged those people about their choices and they were more worried about their jobs then what was right. We challenged them on why did they teach children if they stood aside. God has used us in many ways in this area.

We understand a lot of things most people have no idea about.  We understand rejection, abuse, hunger, been bullied and so much more.  God gave me each of you as a gift. A very precious gift.  Your purpose in life is to help me be the best person I can be. Lets conquer this journey together. I’m here for each of you. Reach out and hold my hand we have got this with God.

Love you 🙂 

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