The faces of people in pain or discomfort


Yesterday morning I spent the morning in the emergency room. It’s an intresting place to be but it’s never dull. People come and go but while you wait you have nothing to do but observe others. While I was waiting to check in I noticed a woman sitting in a chair waiting. I assumed she was waiting to get checked in. As I waited a police officer came in and went through the doors and came back and approached the lady sitting near me. He asked her why she was at the hospital. She said she came because her son was there. The police asked her what was her name she seemed confused she was waiting for her son. He asked her who her son was she told him. He asked her where she lived and she gave the area she lived in. He asked her when she was born, her age and her address all of which she had trouble answering. He then asked her if she had drank any alcohol she said no. She was clutching a paper bag by which he asked her what was in it. She replied it was chips and food. He asked if he could look sure enough it had food in it.

The officer left to put in her info and talked to the hospital staff. They had called him to say they were concerned about her and she had showed up before and a police officer had taken her home. They said she seemed very concerned but her son was not at the hospital. Turns out her son is 20 years old, but not at the hospital. I think of this poor mother concerned for her son having no idea where he is and so she’s searching for him. The police officer aid he’s take her home and said maybe your son is there. I’m not sure what happened with her but while I waited before I left that area I saw her walking down the road away from the police and then she came back and was saying something to the police. A woman police officer had joined them as well. I feel sad for this woman, obviously she was worried about her son and she had come looking for him. She was very confused which of course made it worse. To make matters worse the hospital called the police to take her away from them. If she’s that confused maybe she needed help this sounds like a mental issue.

Why is someone like this not treated like people in physical pain? I don’t understand that she needed help just as much as anyone. So does our society just leave her out in the world confused it sounds like she’s been at the hospital a few times searching for her son. So sad. 


As I sat for 5 hours for results etc people come and go. I find it interesting how people cope with pain or discomfort. There was a lady there with an older gentleman, the lady took care of people in the waiting room and offered to get food or drink for a woman waiting.  I was trying to figure out their relationship and the woman would say she’s ok she’s sitting in a chair. I wondered if the woman’s daughter was waiting for a doctor. Turns out the older guy was her dad and it was her mom waiting for tests. They both had a really good sense of humor. At one stage the older guy had his keys in his hand and the daughter says to her dad  Dad put away your keys he grumbled at her and finally put them in his pocket and she said to him I thought maybe you wanted to leave us. He replied Well I could just take off if I want and leave you all here, but I will just stay with you. He said it in a jest of humor. It took me all I could not to laugh. 

A while later a young girl comes into the waiting room and looks rough. Her face looked like she had cigerette burns on them. She sat down almost in defeat. There were 3 guys sitting by her. She looked super uncomfortable but the guys beside her starting talking about smoking and then she pipped up and said she had left her home that day and left her smokes at home. After that her body relaxed more in the chair and she even laughed and joked with the two men. 

Yesterday it seemed like almost everyone talked with one another, well what else is there to do when your there for 5 hours or so. People seemed to have compassion for each other no matter what there circumstance were. I loved that because sometimes strangers will not talk with anyone. Some of my neighbours don’t talk to me after living in my home for 9 years.  Even though I waited so long they did check on me occasionally and I was able to get some pain meds and some anti-nausea medication. 

I had a suspicion I had diverticulitis I had the same symptons as I did last year. I had pain in my stomach and left side and woke up feeling really dizy and nauseous. The pain was more intense. The ER doctor told me that was probably what I had. He did tell me extra stress could have made it worse. I  found the whole blood thing quite humerous if I’m dehydrated then it’s impossible to find my veins so the first lady tried twice and then she called another woman to come because one person is only allowed 2 tries and then they have to call someone else. The only place I seemed to have veins was my hand so this women found it the first time and the other woman was very sorry and felt bad. I did tell her it’s hard to find any veins. 

My blood work came back and I had elevated white blood cells but it was caught early so I was able to go and antibiotics and go home. I have to be on a clear diet for 2 days and then slowly introduce low fiber back into my diet. It’s amazing how clear fluids make you feel better and I’ve not been hungry which is good. I’m really glad I got to come home and not stay at the hospital. Now I know what the symptons are so I can go early for treatment. 

I’m also glad my time at ER was not boring. It’s a good place to people watch but glad that others cared about each other. Hopefully I won’t have to go back for a while. After 24 hours I’m feeling much better so that is good news. 


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