Why I hate addiction so much………….


Larry and I feel so sad right now, it’s hard to put into words. The life of a young man gone to an od of drugs. Addiction I Understand so well having fought with it myself, but it tears through families and destroys so badly.  Larry ( my husband ) had arranged to go to the East of Canada with a guy who was driving there with his son. The guy drives across Canada lots for his job so he’s used to it. Larry needs a double hernia and had organized to go with this man and his son. Larry was supposed to go Saturday morning and we found out early that at 2:30 that morning he had gotten a call from the police that one of his sons had od on drugs and when they arrived he was not breathing.  They managed to revive him and they induced into a medical coma. This afternoon the family made the decision to take him off life suport and he died.  The man drove back to his home to go see his son. Apparently he had been sober for a few years. 

We did not know any of these people but Larry has gotten to know this man over the last couple of months. What a tragedy as he was getting his life back together. I hate addiction so much it grips your soul so much and it consumes you to death sometimes or not. It does not matter what addiction you struggle with it all is horrible. Relapse can be fatal like in this case or you can overcome it. Addiction will occur again if you go back to your drug of choice. This poor man to lose his son. It sounds like his ex wife has issues with drugs as well and took the death of her son not well. Please pray for this family during this time. There are other things going on as well that this man needs to deal with in the next weeks as well.

Larry is not getting his surgery but in the scheme of things that’s minor compared to this. We both believe God brought this man also called Larry into our lives to bring comfort to this man.  I hate addiction so very much and even for me with almost being sober for 2 years that if tempted enough would I be able to stay away from my addiction of choice. The battle gets easier and easier each day and I have really good accountability and a network to help me in difficult times. I also know the drugs out there are so much stronger then they used to be. Look at all the od of fentanyl all across Canada and the US. Larry said he will set up a go fund me page for him and his family. I thank God he brought Larry into our lives but I hate it had to be under these circumstances. Please lift him and his other children and his family up tonight. Thank you.   

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