When you pray for something for a long time and God answers your prayers…………………….

Have you ever prayed for something for a long time and you kept praying but what you prayed for never seemed to come to pass. It seemed like a life time away. I’ve seen God do amazing things in my lifetime. I’ve seen Him answer prayer in ways you could never imagine. I’ve seen God do amazing things in my life and others. I’m a huge prayer warrior I often am praying for someone for something or other. Some of you may know that I don’t have biological children but I have three awesome wonderful step children. Even though they are not mine by blood I love them just as much. I knew them when they were 10, 8 and 6. I loved spending time with them. Then they went away and we did not see them for a very long time. I always prayed for them while they were gone. I chose not to have children with their father, because I did not want them to think they had been replaced.

I wrote them journals when God laid things on my heart which was often. I have a whole bunch of writings I did for them. We tried to keep in contact with them but came to realize that they were not getting what we sent. No presents or letters, so I compiled letters in their journals. On their birthdays we brought cake and write cards which we have and we wished them Happy birthday. Holidays were really hard for us. At Christmas I brought ornaments and put dates on them and we hung them on our trees. Each of the children now adults have a collection of ornaments. We kept all their toys and clothes and we moved every time we moved we brought all their things with us. We continued to pray everyday for them and we never forgot them. After what had happened to me as a child being Kidnapped and not seeing my mom for 12 years, I always told my husband that one day they would choose what they wanted and come back. We went through a lot of painful years not knowing. AS they got older I found them on facebook and could follow what they were doing and get photos of them. After 12 years the middle and youngest daughter contacted us and wanted to see us. They came out when my father in law passed away for a weekend. It was so good to see them both they now were beautiful young woman. The middle daughter continued to come and see us and spend a couple of months with us. We fell in love all over with her. It’s funny even though a father and his daughters were gone for so long they have very similar things they like and do just like their dad. The youngest daughter went back on with her life and that was not interested in us. I watched her graduate from high school, get a degree in University and then do a thesis all via facebook.

Last Saturday out of the blue our youngest daughter contacted us. She was in tears she wanted to reconnect with her dad and she was so sorry she had cut us out of her life. She just turned 24. She wanted to see her dad and was out in our neck of the woods. Today after 6 years she reconciled with her dad and told me today that she is happy and grateful she can see him and meet. Things look like they are well from the photos. I would have gone as well but it did not work out but my heart has just soared all day. We have prayed for all 3 of these precious adults lots. God made us wait until they were ready to come and re- connect, we want things done faster but God makes us wait for those things we may want the most.

2 down 1 more to go. The oldest boy is almost 28 and we have never connected with him. I have been friends with him on facebook and instagram. I have sent him messages but he is silent. I believe if his sisters re-connect and have relationships that he too will come to trust that we are okas well. He was the oldest and his dad to him was his world. He is the most hurt because he remembers the most. He’s probably worried if he connects he could lose again. So I will continue to pray for him that he reaches out and that he trusts enough. Thank you God for answering our prayers and for us believing our children would come back. I will continue to pray in faith for our son.

I’m encouraging you all to keep praying for those things that you think will never come to pass. They eventually will and not to give up hope.

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