50 birthday continues

As part of my birthday Present I got to stay in this box car on the ranch. The box car is an old train box car converted into a cute home to stay in. I was excited to be there because I love Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch so much that I wanted the whole experience. I also found this place very peaceful and beautiful. The decor inside is all western style so you feel like your really in a ranch cabin. I spent two nights here and my nights were a bit tough as I’m a city girl so lots of frogs croaking which I loved, coyotes my second night and the early morning rooster that crowed.

On my second night here this is the sunset we all got to enjoy over the ranch. Rachel and Tim came by and hung out and this was such an incredible sight we saw. God is good indeed.

This great tea place is in Sisters, Oregon and it’s got the most Fabulous tea. Rachel and I went before and yes I loved the peach cold tea brewed with fresh peaches.

More Kayaking for Rachel and my bithday this is Rachel’s favorite lake. I loved this lake so much. The lake was super clear but a very deep lake and you could see trees in the bottom of the lake. Kayaking was good and fun. I loved it here so much. We had such a fun afternoon there hanging out.

More incredible views of the incredible mountains
  • This is the refuge barn up at the ranch and I got to listen to good friend KIm speak at Fellowship. The ranch has a fellowship once a month at the ranch where you come and enjoy a potluck dinner and listen to a speaker. Below is a huge horse an artist made for the inside of the entrance of the fellowship hall. This used to be a 150 year old barn now transformed into a beautiful barn. The lion was painted by a local artist.

I was incredibly blessed by all my friends when I came and celebrated my 50th with them. God has given me some awesome friends and it truly was a blessing to do so many good things. Thank you all for making my birthday so special.

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