Why is standing up for children still so hard in this day and age?

I still cannot fathom why people do not stand up for what is right. Why is it easier to turn a blind eye when as humans we should be standing up against those that hurt others. How do people sleep at night and why am I the only person who ever does anything about it. Why do I feel sick and unable to sleep? My guess is because I was abused as a child and nobody stood up for me. God has given me a huge heart for children and adults. I see the pain I see them helpless I see them unable to understand or know how to defend themselves. I remember as a child wishing I could stand up to the people who hurt me or stop the people who bullied me in school or teased me in cruel ways but I could not stand on anything when you are young. I hate bullies to this day, they are cowards and pick on people or children.

Recently I had to stand up for a couple of children who were in the cross fire of a woman who was being a bully. I tried to intervene and she continued her behaviour and told me she was getting these kids back. These kids were 4 year olds and who is the adult here, clearly not her. I reported her to my supervisor where she was promply fired. You would think that would have been the end of that but then I heard she had been employed elsewhere so I went further to tell someone who will listen to my concerns this woman working with other children. So many people just turn their backs on things and very few do the right thing. I told the woman that who came and interviewed us all . She agreed sadly people do not stand up and defend children or others. She told me unless it’s abuse or neglect but still people are afraid of losing their jobs or getting others in trouble.

If as a caregiver we are not looking out for the children we care for, then why are we in this field. It’s definitely not the money and it’s not an easy job. The lady who interviewed us was really glad that I stood on standing up for children. She thanked me so much and I told her that for me childcare was about standing in the gap for children/ people who could not stand up for themselves and that everyday my concern is how our children are being treated. I will continue until the day I die to do this. It’s never an easy thing to do but it’s must.

When we are at work or someone else are we standing in the gap for those that need our help or are we walking away and ignoring a problem. Please do not ignore , please do not stick your head in the sand. As many of you know people knew things were wrong in my home growing up, but how many ignored the warning signs and left me in an abusive home. I prayed that someone would do something to stand up for me but I endured abuse for 12 years. All it would have taken was one person to stand up. Stand up for bullies there is zero tolerence for it. The person now will have accountability for her actions and maybe no more children will have to endure her practices.

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