Never giving up no matter what

I saw this video today of Steve Harvey how he never lost faith in his dreams, how he never gave up no matter how impossible it seemed. This video is very moving.

I had no idea Steve Harvey lived in parking lots in his car with thirty five dollars in his pocket. Look who he is now.

I’m here to tell you life can be really rough and hard. My dream is to be the best person I can be helping others who have struggles. God has given me a gift of compassion a gift of understanding and a gift of loving others.

Last year I switched careers to work in the school system to help children that struggle. I see many of them like I was as a child and one of my best memories as a kid was the kind compassionate teachers and people who came into my life. They did not care who I was, or what I looked like. They were just there.

I find myself being like that. I can reconize children who are hungry or withdrawn. I find myself reaching out to those with autism and I’m connecting one child at a time. God made my heart so huge that these small children are learning to trust. Trust was huge in my life when there was nothing stable in it. I realized these past 4 months there is so much more to me then I could imagine.

As I embrace this new life it’s hard financially as I took a cut in pay. I’ve had to trust that God will provide and He does. As I wait for that job I’m wanting I’m learning a lot about myself and others.

I also have a huge heart for people that need hope and encouragement in their lives. I’m so thankful for my compassion that God has given me. I always thought my past was a curse now I realize it equipped me for my life.

Don’t give up on your dreams no matter what they are. Keep striving for what it is God intended for you to do. Keep trusting in Him. He’s got it all in His hands.

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