Woman should not be demoralized……

A Woman’s Take On The Super Bowl Halftime Show And Human Dignity. . .

This has been the hot topic since the SuperBowl last weekend. I did not watch the game or half time but heard how demoralizing the show was to woman. What I don’t understand is SuperBowl weekend is one of the largest Sex trafficking weekends. Last year over 1.5 million people in the US are victims of trafficking for sexual exploration. About 750 people were arrested in nationwide Sex trafficking sting operations before SuperBowl last year.

This year millions of children were watching the SuperBowl and this showed young girls that sexual exploitation of woman is ok. We already lived in a very Sexualized world. As I’ve written before pornography is huge in both men and woman in our world. The numbers are staggering every year. Some are calling this like watching soft porn. I bet there were a lot of conversations with children after watching this. This saddens me so much. What are we teaching our children? Since my recovery in sexual addiction I realized watching sexual videos, there are real people on screen. Porn is fantasy but these peoples lives are real and they are being forced into this industry and so many are dying inside. These women have to be high to perform and it’s destroying so many people’s lives.

There is good news Jesus can heal you, transform the way you see. He can set you free from this addiction. Layer by layer He can heal your brokenness and restore you to the person He created you to be. Thank you Lord for being my healer, deliever , restorer and redeemer. We must take every thought captive. We are in a battle of our minds. We must put off our old selves and be renewed in the Spirit of our minds. By running from these lies and running to God the power of sin can be broken.

We also need to protect our children and educate them about what they are seeing and how they perceive this world. Unfortunately these two woman from half time have a lot of young people who look up to them. Why not be a role model for something not Sexualized and still have young people look up to you.

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