Appreciating what you have……

I’ve been off work now for a week. It seems like longer. I hurt my back and hip at work. I realized when your in pain the whole world continues on but it feels like life is passing you by. It’s made me stop and think about those who are in pain everyday. I couldn’t imagine how that feels. I do know when your in piles of pain it stops you doing all your normal activities. Pain can be so isolating. Everyone you know is at work so it can be lonely and when basic tasks are painful.

I reached out to my friends for help. Help with groceries and my neighbour bless his heart is an amazing man he’s helped me so much. I told my physio yesterday it feels like when your immune system is down and you get sick. That’s what it feels like in my body I’ve gone through so much in the last few months that my body is down and then I’m not vulnerable to getting hurt. She said that’s very interesting that I would think that. She talked about invisible things in our bodies nobody sees. In grief we suffer my body is suffering also.

Many of us suffer inside our bodies with depression, suffering, our mental health. Please don’t suffer alone there are places to turn to and people to talk to. Just because we look fine on the outside we could be suffering inside. I hate being off work and in pain but I do know this to shall pass. For some this is their daily life.

While I sat in the clinic the other day I saw a man whose bottom half of his leg was amputated and how he now had to face his life without his limbs. Another man sat beside me just out of rehab trying to find his way in this world sober. Overwhelmed and unsure where this would lead him. I realized that no matter what I have in life I’m grateful for what I have. There is someone out there who is worse off that you. Even in pain I am grateful for my life.

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