I would not trade this time for anything…….

Since being off work for a month now with a sore back and hip, God has shown me many things. I believe this happened because like your immune down when your sick, your body does the same thing to protect itself. My body was telling me I’m tired, your in grief and you just need time. At first I blamed myself for an accident and then I beat myself up. When your used to doing everything and a very busy person it’s hard when you can bearly do anything.

After I slowed down I then could hear God. He wanted me to rest in Him. Give Him all my fears, my troubles, my pain and to trust Him that it would all work out. I wake up spend time in His word and pray. During the day I listened to podcasts and through them and reading books my relationship with the Lord exploded. My claim was excepted and now all I had to do was rest and go to physio and doctors appointments. The rest was taken care of.

My month off I would never trade it for anything. It’s been a time of healing. Healing from addiction: before if I was home alone more that two days I was back in addiction. Two and a half years later I found things I love to do at home. I started doing puzzles and found out relaxing challenging and fun. I knitted on my loom, I loved reading with a good cup of tea. I listened to music, and came to really appreciate what I was given in this life. I reached out to my friends. I love all the people God has brought into my life. Thank you to each and everyone of you. Blogging has become my outlet to do many things and I love it. I love the blogging community sharing my posts and reading what is important to each of you. We all come from unique backgrounds it’s nice to read what you write. Thank you God for slowing me down and showing me what life is truly about. I feel so much peace in my life and know that God looks after me no matter what.

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