Are you going to trust Him?

Many of you know I hurt myself at work six weeks ago. It’s been a hard recovery. I started back to work this is my second week and it’s going well. As well as work I’ve been enrolled in a back to work rehab program for people on WCB. It’s an intensive program it’s four hours a day but because I work I go afterwards to the program. On my days off work I go to the program for four hours. The program has been really good for me but also very challenging as well.

It’s hard working out your body when I have been lazy and not looked after it properly. Years and years of abusing it different ways of course will be hard in so many ways. In this program I realized why I hurt myself I used my back for everything. In fact your back is supposed to be protected by one using their glutes and having a strong pelvic floor. None of which I had and how when I’m so stiff that when you breathe properly from your diaphragm it’s amazing how you can breathe through your pain and actually move properly. Wow who knew breathing was the key to so many things.

If I’m tense in my neck and shoulders how to breathe to relax. I realized I’m not a relaxed person at all. Today was a hard day I ran out of steam after two and a half hours. I hurt and I almost cried because how was I supposed to do this. The team talked to me about pacing myself I have no idea how to do that. I said that and they said we will teach you. My Physio helped me stretch that muscle in my hip and worked with me out felt a lot better. Before when things got tough I would want to run away. My whole life I have done fight or flight. The people in the program told me the first week is the hardest and then it gets easier.

I felt discouraged when I got home. I wanted to run away but there is no option to do that and I am the one who abused my body for so long. I heard an awesome podcast today by my two favourite people Kim and Troy Meeder. Kim talked about no matter where we are in life we need to push through our pain and trust God. Even when it’s hard reaching out to our Lord and in worship and laying out all down in front of Him. With Christ we can do anything in our lives. Only then will we feel His Amazing peace. This is just what I needed to help me move forward. It will hurt for a time and then our bodies get stronger and then we will be even better then we were before. I love that so much.

No matter what we are going through in our lives. Reach out to the Lord. He is waiting for us to lay down all our fears, anxiousness and all our pain. Psalm 62:5-6 Let all that I am wait quietly before God, for my hope is in him. He alone is my rock and my salvation, my fortress where I will not be shaken.

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