Blessings in my life

Despite this being one of my toughest years. I’ve many blessings in my life. So much to be Thankful for. Yesterday I went to our local Christian store and I know the couple well who run the store. They were telling me that when Covid came they knew that they had to keep their store running. They are the only ones opened all across BC. They felt that in hard times that finding God was something people would look to for comfort.

Sure enough people came looking for peace and comfort and Mike told me that mothers and daughters came in buying their first bibles or wanting to do Bible studies together. People came in and had found God and wanted to know more. God is moving despite Covid. He’s using this bookstore to draw people closer to Him. On faith they stay open. God has blessed both him and his wife with the stories of people. I love that a lot. I shared about my faith and how much I’ve grown in Him through my injury at work and then Covid. His wife told me that there is a sparkle in my eyes that something is different in me. I told them about my husband leaving and how God had shown me so many things since he’s been gone. Yes it’s been hard but I’ve grown so much in Him. Obviously God is doing something because one of my other friends confirmed this as well.

I’m blessed to have so many awesome people in my life. Yesterday I was part of a social zoom for the school I spent four months in. I love this school so much and praying that I can get a job there. I had not seen any of them since Spring break and they were all so happy to see me and it was like I was still part of their team. One day I will get a job there.

For now I have an opportunity to work with a boy I’ve known for three and a half years. I get to help him do his school and meet with his teachers and his EA on video. I love helping him. This boy makes my heart soar. I love him so much. He’s Pretty fond of me as well and apparently asks if I’m coming every day.

I have many good friends here in Canada as well as my awesome American friends. I miss them a lot. I miss the ranch and the people who are special to me there. I’m blessed to be part of that family as well. It’s my home away from home. I’m blessed with my family, blessed that I have a huge heart for animals and children.

I’m blessed for my church family. It’s good to see them all on zoom each Sunday but can’t wait to get back to seeing them in person and our meals together. I miss my church peeps. I’m blessed so much. ❤️

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