Despite Covid there are so many things to be grateful for. While we have gratitude in our lives we no longer think about bad things that may be going on in our lives. My hardships continue despite me working hard to overcome the hand dealt to me lately. Last Saturday I broke my finger on my dominant hand. Right when I was thinking about maybe being able to go back to work.

I was having a hard time with another set back. I thought I was cursed or something and was having a hard time until I prayed and sought God about what was happening. We all know that hardships are part of life and we also know that makes us stronger. Ok so I’ve dealt with so many things in the last 7 months. I’ve dealt with some huge losses in my life and I’m still grieving that. Despite all of this God has been using me to help others and I know now that He’s using all of this for His purposes. You can only gain strength from this.

This morning I heard a Sermon on gratitude. I have so much to be grateful for. Every Morning I spend precious time with the Lord and I tell Him all of the things I’m grateful for. I could have gone inward with my struggles and poor me. When you change your attitude and mindset to what your grateful everything changes.

What are you Thankful for in your life? I love gratitude. I have a gratitude journal and I try to write in it often. No matter what happens in my life I know God is always there for me no matter what. During this season in my life I’ve seen Amazing things going on and throughout it all I’ve felt serene peace.

Thank God for your awesome presence throughout all of this. Thank you for using me to help others. The words on your book are truth and light. I would encourage you to start a gratitude journal you will notice how it Changes how you feel about things.

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