Voices in Motion: a joyful choir for those with dementia and their loved ones


I’m sitting here this morning thinking about my weekend and have much tears. I spent the weekend with my dad. He was dementia. My mom needed a rest this weekend. I went from not seeing much of what goes on to really seeing what my mom goes through everyday. I see the grief my mom feels and sees but I also saw the joy. Dementia is hard on everybody especially the person going through it. My dad shared with me his frustrations of how he’s done things especially driving for 60 years so why can’t he drive now. He’s lost that freedom and it’s hard. He was the most independent person the brains of our family.

It’s hard to watch him struggle but he’s still got his sense of humor and the memories of his life growing up is amazing. I shared some incredible moments with him. Yesterday morning after breakfast he put on really beautiful music. He told me he his mom and dad used to listen to music every Sunday morning. I posted the video above my mom and dad both are in this choir and how much it’s helped both of them. My dad whistles and hums and when he’s anxious or unsure he goes to the music. He never was a singer but I see how much confidence music has given him. For my mom she loves singing but also she gets support from others whose spouses have dementia.

On Saturday I sat in on a zoom interview with Erica and Rick about how she got into directing this Choir and how much she’s loving this project.

I posted photos of the beach because this is my dad’s favorite walk. He knows every square inch of this beach and it’s so familiar to him. He told me it’s peaceful out there and I experienced this as well. He collects rocks that stand to him and I have a bunch of them at my house. I’m so glad I got to spend this special time with him this weekend. Time is so precious and I’m going to make the most of what I have. I feel so blessed today to have had this opportunity. ❤️

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