My unhealthy relationship with food

Addiction has been part of my life on and off. I struggled with alcohol until God freed me of that. I’m coming up to 3 years with that. When I went through my season of grief I found I used comfort often through food. I was aware of it and then I hurt myself my SI joint and then covid came so in six months I gained an extra 10lbs. During that time I also broke my finger. Two days before my birthday I decided that something needed to change in my life. I could keep going the way I was going and continually hurt myself from being so overweight or I could put in the hard work and do something different.

I joined a kickboxing place that was doing a 6 week challenge. It focused on nutrition, exercise and accountability. The exercises are high impact and then the kickboxing. It’s a tough workout but on one of my days I told my coach to remind me how I got into this mess of overeating and lack of exercise. It took me a long time to advise my body so it will take a while to get it into shape. I love kickboxing for me it gave me self confidence that I don’t think I’ve ever had. It’s very Empowering to do this sport. I’ve lost 12lbs already and I finally feel really happy in my life. This has been a long time coming.

I love my new eating habits and no longer use food for comfort. I use God, prayers and connect with friends. My blood sugars are amazing and don’t have those crashes. I feel so good and actually feel lighter. I walked up a whole ton of steps last weekend without being winded. I’m getting there. I’m wanting to lose 30 more pounds. I can do this and I will.

My word for the beginning of the year was preservance and that I have needed this whole year. Without it I would not be as far along as I am. ❤️

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