Don’t ever take life for granted

My heart is really heavy lately. Heavy from people I know who right now that are battling cancer. We all have seen cancer for a long time is taken many people I knew and loved. I’ve also seen a lot of amazing things with people in remission. It seems like lately that people are diagnosed with aggressive cancer. Cancer comes in all shapes and forms but no matter what form it comes in it is hard.

Recently one of my core friends got diagnosed with breast cancer and it rocked us. We are four friends who hang out together lots we go on road trips and before covid we celebrated everyone’s birthdays with parties. What is tough is one day you’re well and the next you find out you have cancer.

She’s an amazing woman who is wanting others to know what her journey is like. She found one Christian person online who went through this so she’s wanting other Christians to know what this experience will be like. Praise God she’s had lots of tests to see if the cancer is anywhere else and it’s just in the one area.

As her friends we will stand by her for whatever she needs to get through this journey. On Wednesday she starts her chemo once a week for 4 months. As you read this please can you pray for her she will need all the prayers. Thanks.

As this changes her life for now we pray the chemo shrinks the lump and that with the surgery the cancer will be gone. As her friends I pray we can be an awesome encouragement for her. Besides our friends I heard this week a mom of some other good friends her cancer is back and this time it’s untreatable. Lord please be with Patti at this time and her family. Be with them as they have just learned this news about their mom. Also Lord pray for Trisha as she also is going through breast cancer at this time. Lord be there for her and her family.

Life is so precious don’t ever take it for granted. For me I do the best I can with what God has given me. I’m a big prayer warrior and I Believe that God can heal. So I’m praying for healing for each of these woman. When I think I may want to complain about an ache I stop and don’t because life is way to short for that.

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