God was with us both yesterday….

My good friend and I spent part of the day on this incredible beach yesterday. We had such a lovely time and brought our lunch and just hung. It was an incredible day. We decided to explore around our area and see what we could find. In our way home we were driving and I was behind a tractor trailer rig but no trailer and they were a student driver so we driving behind them and there car behind us. We were in no hurry. All of a sudden my friend gasped and I’m not sure why because we were just driving. All of a sudden to my left I notice a vehicle coming straight for us. My instincts kicked in and I swerved to the shoulder on the right. I honked my horn hard and stepped on the gas and the guy just missed us. Not sure where he was going but there also was a car behind me. He apparently came out from a side street. Our hearts about exploded in our chests. I pulled over and we just sat there in shock.

We got back on the road still in awe about what just happened. I thanked God for saving us from getting in an accident. My friend agreed that yes indeed we had been saved. We get home and we’ve been home for a few hours and I’m changing things around in my home and after we moved a table into my studio I smell burning. My friend said it’s from moving the wires. I’m not convinced that’s it. I continue to smell a burning smell.

As I start making dinner my friend is outside and tells me to come outside she wanted to show me something. I walked outside and notice smoke coming out of my herb garden. We realize this sphere is in the garden and obviously the sun hit it a certain way and it was smoking from a fire. We pulled it off the rail of the deck brought it downstairs and my friend lifted it out with oven mitts and drenched it with water. The whole soil was burnt so it was like a bog fire in my planter.

So many things running through my head with this. Glad we were home and it could have burned through the rail and so many could haves. The other weird thing was that sphere had been in that same garden for about 8 years and yesterday it decided to burn. The bottom of that was really burnt. Again I’m praising God that we caught it before it caught my home on fire. After that we removed all glass from my balcony.

God was looking out for both of us yesterday. I’m so eternally grateful Lord. Thank you. I believe angels were watching out over us both yesterday.

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